Plug & Fly Direction Finding

Techtest Direction Finding Plug and Fly

Offering the next level in search and rescue flexibility, the Techtest DF Plug and Fly was specifically designed for multirole airframes.

The system has no permanent fixtures, allowing aircraft to rapidly be configured to meet the needs of search and rescue. Furthermore, this system is transferable between aircraft, so operators don’t lose search and rescue capabilities during required maintenance periods.

Reducing capital expenditure and solving aircraft dedication issues, this low weight, low drag product has a range of 50 nautical Km and is operational to at least -40oc, making it perfect for military, para-public and civil use, in a broad spectrum of environments.

The display system is carry on, available in both a rugged portable storm proof case, or a ruggedized tablet, operating from rechargeable batteries, making the whole system effortlessly transferrable.
Available in 3 Plug and Fly configurations; 

Nose mount- Providing optimum air to ground visibility, mounted using dovetails/quick connects. Offers installation in under an hour and can be removed in under 60 seconds.

Step Mount- Mounted using dovetails/ quick connects.

Undercarriage/external pod wing mount-  Mounted using Dovetails/ quick connects and can be supplied in either cabled or wireless format. For enhanced performance the system can be integrated with standard avionic data buses such as ARINC 429/664. Additionally, the system can be configured as a stand-alone item using digital compass and integrated GPS. This efficient and flexible system does not compromise Search and Rescue capabilities, performance or range, instead offering unrivalled portability, transferability and reliability, maximising the capability of your aircraft. With one system you can essentially equip a full fleet, with rapid conversion making it a convenient option.

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