Crash Position Indicator

Automatic Deployable ELT

The need to accurately trace and track downed aircraft, through the use of a Crash Position Indicator (CPI) or Automatically Deployable Beacon (AD ELT), has continually existed. We strive to make this task easier for SAR teams, pushing the boundaries of technological capability and superseding industry requirements. H.R. Smith are global leaders in provision of ADELT's, with expertise in all aspects of off shore and rotor craft requirements.

The Techtest 503-16 deployable ELT series combines full Cospas/Sarsat coverage, with the transmission of last known GPS co-ordinates to accurately pinpoint downed aircraft.

Designed to deploy in a crash scenario, this system has 3 methods of activation and deployment: manual, automatic G sensor deployment and automatic water switch deployment, with further options for Beacon Deploy Control (BDC) units in case of tail boom break, which means this product offers maximum scenario coverage in conjunction with exceptional performance. 

Our digital accelerometers guarantee a more reliable and accurate activation versus traditional alternatives, in fact the 503 series were the only ELTs to activate every time, in highly stringent and independent testing, by NASA; a testament to our dedication to providing the very best to our customers.

503 series features include; on aircraft programming of Cospas/Sarsat protocol for simple removal and replacement of the beacon, a modular design allowing for ease of operator maintenance and a multi-axis programmable G-Switch that ensures reliable operation against CAA Specification 16, BIT capability, to provide reassurance pre-flight, as well as the safety maintenance off switch, to avoid accidental deployment when on the ground.

The 503-16 series is utilised globally by all major helicopter manufactures and operators, demonstrating product value and international confidence in the Techtest brand.

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