CSAR Personal Rescue Beacon

The HR Smith 500-37 Personal Rescue Beacon satisfies the joint forces requirement to provide their personnel with the greatest chance of safe recovery in an emergency situation, during peacetime and combat missions. Compact and lightweight, this beacon offers user friendly operation combined with text and voice communications.

Minimising the search aspect of any rescue mission is crucial, the sooner the search can begin the greater the chance of successful rescue. The HR Smith 500-37 is able to maximise the possibility of first pass recovery for survivor by coordinating detailed situational awareness information, including precise geopositioning, between survivor and the search and rescue body. During a mission the HR Smith 500-37 can be activated either manually by a survivor or automatically by lanyard, water switch or G-switch.

The HR Smith 500-37 has an external antenna connector allowing the unit to be configured for a particular role, prior to or during a mission. Antenna options include ejection seat, life jacket and parachute installations. On activation during a non-combat mission the 500-37 transmits a 406 MHz signal containing survivor location to a mission control centre via COSPAS SARSAT, whilst also transmitting distress signals on 121.5 and 243 MHz. These frequencies are also used for terminal area direction and two way voice communication between survivor and recovery force.

The Techtest 500-37 is designed to work in conjunction with the 15-406-110 Airborne Locator System (ALS) comprising:


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