V/UHF Antennas

Frequency Range: 30-1000 MHz

Most military aircraft platforms suffer from a lack of fuselage real estate compare to the number of communications systems that require antennas. The HR Smith range of V/UHF wideband blade antennas are designed to work with systems requiring a wider frequency range without compromising on performance.

With various products operating across the two frequency bands and multiple footprint choices available, the HR Smith V/UHF range are compatible with most military airframes, making it an exceptional communications choice. Our series of V/UHF antenna's coupled with our extensive range of accessories such as couplers, multiplexers and filters, means we cater for all platforms and projects. For more bespoke military projects HR Smith have developed conformal V/UHF antennas designed to the platforms specifications and the end clients’ needs.Please contact Sales for more information.

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