Tuneable Antennas

Designed for use on high performance military aircraft or where antenna siting is a problem, the 10-150 series of PIN diode tuned antennas offer fast and secure frequency hopping across multiple frequency bands. The series of blade antennas are truly multiband with combinations ranging from VHF to L band.

A unique ‑ flash memory device and the use of PIN diodes guarantees optimum tuning speeds of less than 50ms, compatible with state of the art frequency hopping secure speech systems. Combined with the 10-562 series of logic converter units, which accepts frequency data directly from the designated transceiver and translates the data virtually simultaneously to correct the antenna tuning code, the system is unrivalled.The system is compatible but not limited to the following radios:

  • Rockwell Collins ARC210
  • Rockwell Collins ARC182
  • Rockwell Collins ARC222
  • Raytheon AN/ARC232
  • Raytheon AN/ARC 231
  • Thales TRA-5400
  • Thales TRA-6034
  • Rohde & Schwarz 6000
  • Marconi 3400

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