Navigation Antennas

Navigation is one of the most essential parts of air flight, a virtual map, without it there would be no flight travel. The HR smith range of omnidirectional MIL STD navigation antennas have been streamlined and produced from impact resistant thermoplastics. This supports maximum durability whilst remaining lightweight and low drag.

HR Smith manufacture a wide range of navigational guidance and collision avoidance antennas, including:
  • VOR
  • LOC
  • ATC
  • DME
  • IFF
  • Marker Beacon
  • TCAS
  • GPS
  • Radio Altimeter
The range of light weight thermoplastic navigation antennas is ideal for all military aircraft applications and can be supplied with a full range of accessories such as Couplers, Diplexers and Filters.For more bespoke military projects HR Smith have developed conformal antennas designed to the platforms specifications and the end clients’ needs.

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