Military Antennas

Military offensive, and defensive, operations frequently provide urgent requirements as part of the response to the evolving landscape of modern warfare. The HR Smith group respond to such requirements, as a matter of course, to provide support to those currently in the midst of conflict and to prepare the next generation of communication devices, for those in the future.

In doing so, the company places great emphasis on providing a rapid and effective response to military requirements both in terms of developing new products and capabilities, and in supporting existing equipment in the field. Our responsiveness and competitive edge have led to our winning many defence contracts globally. Our brand is known and trusted, for its high quality, reliability and ongoing product support, allowing us to pave the way for future technologies and to advance communications, today.

The products and skillset acquired in developing for the military has led to the conception of many of the products in our military antenna and search and rescue range. We know that hostile environments are common, and that the need for communications, both covert and overt, can be life-saving, which is why we have invested in developing a comprehensive range of Military Communications pathways, offering the highest quality products, in formats capable of withstanding taxing and extreme environments.

HR Smith (Technical Developments) manufactures a wide range of antennas from HF to SATCOM ideal for military aircraft applications, from helicopters to fast jets. We are also the leading manufacturer of pin diode tuned active V/UHF antennas designed to work with the latest frequency hopping radios from all the leading radio manufactures. This range of antennas contains a number of unique features designed to offer the customer simpler integration and in-life supportability not seen on comparable products.

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