Homing Systems

The need for Search and Rescue (SAR) services to accurately detect and locate the distress signals from emergency beacons resulted in Techtest developing its range of Homing Systems.

These use a phase comparison method to provide left-right steering information, to the SAR pilot enabling him to locate emergency beacons operating on all the standard distress frequencies (121.5 MHz, 156.8 MHz, 243 MHz and 406 MHz). This type of system requires only two antennas and offers a more compact, lower cost solution to the more complex DF systems available.

 Techtest now manufactures a range of Homer/Decoder systems which decode the unique data included in the COSPAS-SARSAT 406 MHz distress signal. This includes the position infor406-2-053 homing systemsmation from Location Protocol Beacons and gives the user real time information to help minimise rescue times. A number of integrated airborne systems are available as well as the unique Portable 406 SAR Decoder which is a fully self contained unit which can be carried on to any aircraft, boat or land vehicle. This unit is ideal for a SAR force which already has Homing/DF systems fitted but wishes to extend its capability to include 406 MHz decoding in a cost effective way.

Brochure downloads

pdf12-406-7 Portable 406 SAR Decoder (PDF, 160Kb)
pdf12-406 Homing Test Set (PDF, 436Kb)
pdf406-2-053 Full NVIS Compatibility SAR Homing System (PDF, 284Kb)
pdf406-407 Delivering real-time SAR 406 decode and position (PDF, 520Kb)

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