Plug and Fly Direction Finding

The landscape of aviation has been changing over recent years; with increasing demand being placed on financial and physical resources, the numbers of multirole aircraft are growing. The benefits of this change are numerous, it can reduce costs and maximise on productivity, it can make downtime for maintenance on other aircraft in the fleet less problematic and allows multiple agencies to combine their resources for optimal efficiency, particularly in Search and Rescue scenarios.

The Plug and Fly Direction Finding from Techtest has been specifically designed in order to meet the requirements of multirole aircraft, with a rapid fit configuration allowing you to be airborne within the hour. Not only is it quick, but we also offer a range of fitment options to suit the airframe and available real estate, making this a versatile product for a fast-paced market.  Cameras, search lights and sirens are commonly available with quick mount options, our new product takes this approach to search and rescue a step further. Detecting the transmission from Personal Locator Beacons, vital survival equipment and compulsory for all flight vehicles, the Plug and Fly Direction finding, homes in on the signal, without the need for back and forth sweeps in flight- a fuel and time saving benefit. This supports quicker recovery of personnel and assets, reduced time required in the air, and therefore reduced running costs for the aircraft.

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