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Avionics Expo 2019

Munich 12th- 13th March

HR Smith will be travelling to Germany to attend Avioncs Expo. Established for over 10 years, Avionics Expo is the leading exhibition and conference for both the commercial and defence sectors, fixed wing and rotorcraft.

500-30 Series

You know that one of the worst scenarios your people could be in, is when a plane or helicopter is ditching. Not only is this a terrifying experience for those on board, but it requires that they remain composed under very challenging conditions.

We all hope that the worst will never happen, but inevitably, for some of us, it does; in those instances, being rapidly locatable can be lifesaving. Personal Locator Beacons are certainly nothing new, military personnel have been using them for some years, but development of smaller, better and more robust products is necessary in such a diverse and evolving industry.

Safe Europe 2019


HR Smith will once again be attending the SAFE Europe symposium.

The SAFE Association is dedicated to the preservation of human life. It provides a common meeting ground for the sharing of problems, ideas and information. SAFE, is a non-profit professional association, with Chapters throughout the world. It boasts an international group of members. The SAFE (Europe) Chapter was formed in 1982 to extend the benefits of the SAFE Association to a wider audience.

GADSS and why we need it

Over the past decade flight safety has attracted continued media attention, with the losses of both Air France flight 447 and MH370, which, despite a lengthy search has never been found.

Many members of the general public wanted to know why we were unable to locate such a huge object; How could an aeroplane simply vanish? Why did it seem so easy for a plane to just crash without trace? Since March 2014, and the unsuccessful search for MH370, a new set of recommendations has been drawn up in order to improve flight safety and tracking capability. GADSS (Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System) suggests that we should be able to track aircraft from normal flight paths, through to abnormal scenarios, then to distress tracking and ultimately, in the worst cases, should facilitate discovery and recovery of casualties and flight data recorders.

500-32 Series: Our latest innovation

Lithium has long been a leading choice for batteries, thanks to its exceptional power and longevity. These properties make it ideal for use in ELT’s and other avionic devices onboard aircraft, both commercial and military. It is, however, unfortunate that Lithium is highly flammable, a huge safety concern when aircraft are so vulnerable to the effects of fire. Lithium batteries are significantly more susceptible to internal failure, including thermal runaway, a continued heating of the battery to the point of ignition. Once ignited these can explode or result in a self-sustaining fire.

CPI Memory Module

Flight data recorders, or black boxes as they are colloquially known, have long been a requirement on both commercial and military aircraft, since 1967 in fact. They enable vital data recovery should an accident occur, and this can be used to establish a cause as well as being used to prevent similar accidents occurring in future.

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