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Our standard warranty period is 12 months from Date of Manufacture (DOM).

Please return goods under shipping terms DDP to our returns address:

Unit 416 Tarsmill Court,
Rotherwas Industrial Estate,

Customers do not require an RMA number to return a unit to us.

Costs are quoted by our repairs department upon receipt and inspection of the unit.

The lead time for standard repair is 4 weeks. However, this may vary depending on the repair.

Monday to Friday
08.00 to 16.30 (GMT).

Only the 503-16 series CPI Beacon has to be returned for a battery replacement. All other battery packs are user replaceable. Please contact our sales team to procure user replaceable battery packs.

HR Smith Ltd, Unit 416 Tarsmill Court, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6JZ – Tel: +44(0)1432 276446


Check our antenna page, where you can filter the antennas by ‘type’ and ‘category’

If you still can’t find what your looking for submit an enquiry using the ‘contact’ page and on of our advisors will assist you.

Gasket consists of highly conductive metal film specifically contoured to provide multi-point metal to metal contact, thus reducing RF circulatory currents.

Dischargers transfers static electricity back into the atmosphere to prevent it from interfering with navigation and communication radios.


Yes, most of our beacons you can change the battery yourself. The below table show the article number of the battery you require for each of our beacons.

Battery Part No.Beacon Used WithUser Replaceable (Y/N)Storage Life (years)
A0696 series500-12, -12Y, -27 & -27YY5
A01299 series500-27-07 seriesY5
A0673-1 series503-1 seriesY5
A0701503-7, -19, -35, -36 seriesY5
A01011503-24 series and 503-42 seriesY5
A01577503-16 seriesN5
A01477500-32-2Y &-SY7
A02787500-32-2Y-H/G seriesY7

The battery life of each beacon differs, please refer to the relevant manual. Manuals can be requested via the Documents section of the website.

Protocol Forms must be completed when a 406 MHz beacon is purchased. The Protocol Form will be issued on receipt of a purchase order. Guidance on how to complete a Protocol Form can be found on the Cospas-Sarsat website.

A direction finder (DF), or radio direction finder, is a radio receiver and antenna system for determining the direction of the source of a radio signal. A direction finder (DF) can be used by an aircraft or ship as a navigational aid for search and rescue.

An Automatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transmitter (ADELT) is an emergency 406 MHz beacon that deploys from an aircraft during a crash. Another name given to an ADELT is a Crash Position Indicator (CPI).

The International Cospas-Sarsat Programme is a satellite-aided search and rescue (SAR) initiative. It is organised as a treaty-based, non-profit, intergovernmental, humanitarian cooperative of 45 nations and agencies. It is dedicated to detecting and locating emergency locator radio beacons activated by persons, aircraft or vessels in distress, and forwarding this alert information to authorities that can take action for rescue via the frequency of 406 MHz.

A crash position indicator (CPI) is a radio beacon designed to be ejected from an aircraft when it crashes. This helps ensure it survives the crash and any post-crash fires or sinking, allowing it to broadcast a homing signal to search and rescue aircraft.

A Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a satellite distress beacon that will tell Search and Rescue teams anywhere in the world you need help through seamless messaging. Your personal locator beacon informs emergency rescue who you are, your location, and that you need immediate help—all via the Cospas-Sarsat.

A portable beacon for aircraft, crew and life rafts.

An Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) is an emergency beacon used in aircrafts to alert Search and Rescue teams to indicate the location and the identity of an aircraft in distress.


Yes. Our engineers, technicians, and production teams work together with customers to develop innovative designs and solutions to exactly respond to customer requirements.

Originally founded to research and develop advanced composite materials for RF designs and aircraft structures. With its headquarters in Rockford, Tennessee, the company now also coordinates all business of the HR Smith Group within the USA and Canada.

HR Smith (Technical Developments) is part of the HR Smith Group, being RF specialists focussed on designing and manufacturing aerospace antennas and all the necessary accessories, including RF ancillaries and its range of patented conductive sealing gaskets. The company also manufactures electrostatic dischargers for all types of aircraft platforms.

Techtest is part of the HR Smith Group, offering a full range of Search and Rescue beacons, including ELTs, ADELTs and Iridium trackers, as well as Direction Finding systems to locate personnel in distress for both civil and military applications. In addition, Techtest manufactures and develops a range of test equipment specifically for testing aircraft antennas and Search and Rescue products.

Aircraft Antennas, Beacons and Direction Finding Systems.

You can submit an enquiry using the ‘contact’ page.

Contact our sales team via Telephone +44 (0)1568 708744 or by email sales@hr-smith.com.

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