406 Handheld Decoder

The 12-406-9 is a handheld 406 decoder that receives and decodes COSPAS SARSAT distress or test messages. The unit can be set-up to monitor all transmissions (including tests) or distress only.hr smith 406 decoder
  • COSPAS/SARSAT 406MHz Detection and Decoding
  • Messages decoded and displayed in an easy to understand format
  • Touch screen interface
  • Internal Antenna
  • Internal re-chargeable battery
  • USB to PC connectivity
The need to detect and locate downed aircrew has always existed. Accurately pin pointing both aircraft and crew can sometimes necessitate a lengthy search scenario. The increased population of COSPAS /SARSAT (C/S) 406MHz beacons worldwide is aiding the task significantly. In particular, for those able to transmit with embedded GPS, the potential is there for the land or airborne Search and Rescue (SAR) forces to affect immediate rescue.

The Techtest 12-406-9 is specifically designed to detect, locate, and verify any 406MHz beacon transmission, including ELT or ADELT/CPI and EPIRBs. It can be used either as a test tool on the ground or as portable equipment on a SAR mission.  It is able to immediately display the transmitted GPS Lat/Long location of the beacon if present and, in conjunction with the built in GPS receiver, display range and bearing information.

The handheld unit includes a colour touch screen providing a clear display of information with user configurable fields. The integral antenna results in a compact device easy to carry. Data is updated continuously as new messages are received and decoded (typically every 50 seconds from one beacon). If multiple beacons are transmitting then all are summarized on a scrolling display. Individual messages can be selected to display full decode information. Data can be transferred to a PC for later analysis.

The unit can be fixed to a wall, using an optional mounting tray, and configured as a remote monitoring station.  In this case data is logged automatically by a Windows Based Application.
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