13-150-3 vehicle antennaThe 13-150 series of antennas offers significally reduced visual profile with electrical performance comparable to passive antennas more than twice the size. These antennas are adaptable to multi band frequency requirements with added UHF functionality already acheived within the same footprint.

System Operation
The 13-150 series of antennas utilise advance high speed switching circuitry techniques to achieve high levels of gain performance. This is made possible by each antenna holding an individually programmed EPROM memory device which can store a unique set of antenna calibration data pre-defined for the finalised platform. When the radio is tuned to a frequency it sends a frequency word to the internal Logic Converter Unit, this word is then deciphered into a binary format and enables the antenna to switch to the sent frequency. (All of this process happens in <50 microseconds) As the antenna holds all the calibrated frequency data it enables any antenna to work on any platform without the antenna having to return to the factory.

  •     Low Visual Profile <1 metre
  •     Spring mounted on a NATO four hole base
  •     Specifically designed for use on land and sea
  •     based vehicles
  •     Fast silent tuning less than 50 microseconds
  •     Compatible with frequency hopping
  •     secure speech networks
  •     Unique memory system (allowing 'in theatre'
  •     part swap)
  •     Multi band operation
  •     Out of band signal filtering
  •     50 W CW Power Handling (VTAC)
Typical radio interfaces
Frequency 30-90MHz (VTAC)
  225-450MHz (UHF)
Impedance 50 Ohms
V.S.W.R. ≤ 3.0:1 VHF and UHF
Polarisation Vertical
Radiation Omni
RF Connectors Two(2) TNC Female
DC Connectors MIL Series II
  62GB 12E14-19PN
Colours Nato Green
  (other colours available on request)
Environmental Qualifications: Tested and qualified to MIL-STD 810E
Typical Radio Interfaces Rockwell Collins Flexnet Series
  Rhode & Schwarz M3AR
  Raytheon ARC231 and 232
  Thales TRA5400N
  Elmer SRT651 Series
  Wulfsburg RT5000
  Marconi AD3400
  (Compatible with other radio types on request)
Installation Good electrical contact must be maintained between the antenna base and the vehicle shell
Vendor Code (NSN) K6543
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