Tuesday, 28 February 2012 14:45

Technician Engineer

hr smith careers Based at our Headquarters in Kingsland

Experienced in analogue and digital circuits and systems. All round experience in constructing, testing and repairing electronic equipment. ATE, test jigs and test software knowledge would be advantageous. Supporting role between R&D and Production.

Techtest specialises in the design and manufacture of Search and Rescue equipment for aircraft environments, specifically Emergency Locator Transmitters, Homing and Direction Finding systems and COSPAS-SARSAT Decoding. Typically our products involve the integration of RF Tranceiver circuits with electronic control and baseband processing, usually implemented with PIC microcontrollers, but could be ARM processors or FPGA firmware coupled with signal processing software.

Please phone 01568 708744 for an applicaton form and return to Dr Joe Parkinson, Chief Engineer at Street Court. See our contact page for postal address.

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